Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do You Have Sweet Dreams?

Every year, year 2 Fashion Marketing students have the fantastic opportunity to organise & host their very own fashion show/auction. This year was our turn!

So here's how it works....

-The team come together and discuss ideas for a theme.
-Each individual decides on a job they'd like to do & pitches for the role. (Not as scary as it sounds!)
-The team is split into 5 teams: styling, events, pre events & fundraising, PR & marketing & last but not least, the online team.
-We have 3 exciting months to make it happen!

This year, we decided on a candy theme based around the classic Willy Wonka film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and named it 'Sweet Dreams'. With everything from photoshoots with giant sweets to eating cupcakes in the woods, the chosen theme couldn't have been more fun! In just 3 short months, the teams had to find a venue, make the outfits, source models, make lots of money and of course market the event. Lots of hard work was involved but it was without a doubt a project to remember! 

Here are a few snaps from the night!

Not forgetting the little treat to end the show! 

Hair: Hensmans
MUA: Amanda Fox

For more images please follow this link 

Massive thank you to everyone who helped make this event such a success.

- xo