Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tea Party time!

'Cause that's what Brits do!
There are many perks that come with being a Fashion Marketing student at the University of Northampton. From helping out at the Clothes Show Live, visiting the "Big Apple" and having exciting guest lecturers come in to talk to us, there are no end of exciting things to get involved in! This was no exception...
In the running up to the Graduate Fashion Show at Silverstone, our very own Fashion Marketing students had the exciting job of creating a memorable promotional video for the event. With the title of the show being "Making Britain Great" what better than hosting and filming a traditonal Great British tea party eh?
So with that, the team rounded up all the items for the video along with vintage looking chairs, baskets and various other props and headed out to an unknown location. Exciting right? Oh and everyone had a pair of DM's to wear, just to you know, show everyone we're from the shoe capital! A vintage MG sports car may have just been thrown in too.
A few images just to tantalise your tea party tastebuds....

Fear not! I shall post the full video up very soon for you all to have a nosey at. Watch this space!
I caught up with a few of our FM girls to find out how the day went. Here's what they had to say...
Nisha Ellis: "The video shoot was a silent film set around a tea party. I travelled in a vintage MG sports car to meet my friends to attend the tea party in the woods; we had to explore the open fields and forest in order to find the location, coming across trails of fashion props, signs and cupcakes that helped us along the way. My hair had been styled by Hensmans hair salon in a 1960’s bouffant hairdo and my dress was created by a fashion design student. I modelled a pair of loafers designed by one of the students and filmed in a pair of doc martens. It was a really fun experience and it was lovely to meet lots of new people!"
Ibukun Oluwaremi: I really enjoyed doing the video. It was such a fun day but also challenging! I loved dressing up and pretending to talk without looking at the camera (haha!) The video was about Alice in wonderland and was set in the woods. There were lots of different props such as sofas, cutlery and other cute bits and bobs. We had so much fun setting up! The outfits we wore were designed and made by the third year students. We all had Dr Martens to wear and were given extravagant vintage hair styles which was cool! Overall, we had a really good day and the final film looks great.
Jess Burnley: Just before the easter holidays, I was asked if I would like to take part in a promo video to be set in the woods, that would be used at the Graduate Fashion Show. Of course I said yes as it sounded like loads of fun! On the day I was given a role as one of the extras at the woodland tea party. The day started with hair and make up at Hensmans in town. I loved what they did to my hair, it was plaited at the back, and full of volume at the front! Then we were all driven by coach to the set. Once we got to set we were put in an outfit, one made by the graduates which would be shown at the fashion show a few weeks later. Then after a few hour waiting around in the freezing cold, we started shooting scenes at the tea party. I was named the ‘strawberry girl’ as my role included taking some strawberries to the tea party!! The video took the whole day to shoot, and everyone was shattered by the end of the day. The day was so fun, and I got to spend time with friends who were also extras which added to the enjoyment of the day. And of course upon seeing the finished video, all those hours in the freezing cold woods paid off!