Friday, February 24, 2012


Many people say “once you’ve seen a big city, you’ve seen them all”, however, after experiencing a week in New York, I strongly disagree with this comment. New York is on another level compared to other big cities around the world, everything about it is different from any other city in the world.
The New York trip was an opportunity to experience what most people outside of a university course wouldn’t be able to do.  Over two of the five days of our trip, we were given the chance to explore several fashion related businesses, which were: Tommy Hilfiger, Anthropologie, Jeffrey, Armani exchange, Dress for Success, Chaus, OPR and RMC USA. During these visits to these companies we were given a talk and a tour of the businesses. Not only was that a brilliant opportunity in itself, but we also got to chat to the professionals about themselves and their roles within their companies and gain contacts for work experience in the future.

For me, the most exciting opportunity we had was visiting OPR (Overseas Publishers Representatives) as I take a huge interest in trend forecasting. Not only was the trip educational, it also gave us a chance to explore one of the world’s top fashion capitals and it was a welcome break away from lectures! (Emmie Wheeler)
I think that the trip as a whole was both exciting and inspiring; I was able to get an insight into the world of fashion in New York, as well as further my knowledge. I found that the visit brought me fantastic opportunities to gain contacts and make an impression on the professionals of the company. New York is a place I would definitely visit again and would love the opportunity to spend some time working with the companies out there! (Siobhan Williamson)
The New York trip was such a good experience. Having the freedom to explore the city was amazing. I went shopping in Soho, visited Ground Zero and looked over the city from the 102nd floor in the Empire State building.The fashion marketing tour was a great chance to meet fashion professionals and get tips to become successful in the industry. I gained knowledge about several different companies and job roles, which has helped me to have a better understanding on the path I want to follow.

The trip was also a chance to bond with others on my course. We all had a lovely time and hope to go back soon, for work or fun… or even just for more shopping! ;)
(Nisha Ellis)

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